boss dr-110

absolutely fabulous drum machine from the early 80s. quite similar to the sound of a tr-606 although it is substitutes the toms for a clap.

it's pretty simple to punch in a pattern and a song for the dr-110. the biggest downside with programming is that it's only possible to move FORWARD a step in step write mode, not backwards. but if you can get used to that then it becomes not so much a big deal :)

it also does not have any way of synchronizing to other equipment except for an accent trigger out. so it is important to have it modded to take din-sync or midi clock for better functionality.

kenton d-sync

very useful box from kenton which converts midi to din sync, or din sync to midi. currently using it to sync my tr-606 to ableton's clock. also useful if you want to have the tr-606 as the master clock.

kenton thru-25

went pretty overkill with this one... 25 midi thru outputs from one midi input. i don't have 25 pieces of midi-able gear but who knows! maybe one day :)