m-audio keystation 49

kind of a crappy midi keyboard. bought it because it was one of the cheapest 49-key keyboards around. the action is quite bad (not weighted at all) and the keys sometimes stick. has nice midi transport capabilities though!

roland alpha-juno 2

this is a nice 6-voice polyphonic synth by roland produced in 1985. i quite like the action on it, it feels pretty good to play. that said, it is not a particularly inspiring synthesizer, only really good for pad sounds imo.

this synth has a one-line lcd display and no sliders/knobs for any controls, only the "alpha-dial" which you use both to scroll through parameters and adjust their levels.
it has pulse, saw and sub waveforms (both pulse and saw can be pulse-width modulated). unfortunately you are not able to detune each oscillator because of its voice design. velocity and after-touch sensitive, although the after-touch capability is dead after 30 years.
the filter and resonance is very weedy and thin, it will certainly not "scream" like other synths!!

the most famous sound from the alpha-juno series of synthesizers is the "What The..." patch, aka the hoover. while it's fun to mess around with, it's a very dated sound and basically impossible to control by default as the pitch is tied to velocity. still, an interesting demonstration of the fast chorus and fast sawtooth pwm sound.

average asking price nowadays is $500+. probably not that worth it as it is not particularly inspiring to use. if you are looking for the hoover sound, just download a sample pack.