ART 4x4

nice little power conditioner... 8 outputs on the back. cheap. works well enough. does what it needs to.

alesis quadraverb

classic reverb unit from alesis. very popular on early Warp records. has an unmistakable character to its chorus reverb -- check out the ChorusStrings2 preset for instant early aphex.

unfortunately my unit is a little noisy and the outputs are not L/R balanced all that well... but still nice to have :)

one of the first pieces of equipment i ever bought. bought it secondhand from someone for $60 in 2014. at the time i didn't even own any gear to plug into it!

yamaha tx81z

absolute CLASSIC fm synth. originally i bought it just to use the lately bass preset but after getting ahold of the TX81Z Programmer (available here), it became so much more useful.

you can coax beautiful pad sounds out of this little box, great basses, weird fm squelches... it's so versatile. definitely one of my favourite synths that i own.

this was also the first synthesizer i ever bought! :)