roland sh-01a

dope recreation of the sh-101, which was a monosynth from the early 80s. this is an updated take on it which adds polyphonic capability to an already great mono-synth.

great for rubbery basses. i don't use it for leads that much but it works well for that too.

roland tr-08

cool little 808 recreation. CLASSIC drum machine. i had the nepheton vst but i don't like how hands-off it is, programming nepheton feels pretty crappy to me.

i like the shuffle feature on the tr-08, as well as the substeps (!!). plus every instrument is triggerable via midi. dope!

roland tr-606

a classic drum machine from the early 80s. very metallic sounding, sounds great when compressed. i use it on most tracks!

unfortunately something is wrong with the battery compartment and mine won't save patterns or songs, even with batteries installed. but it's so easy to program this thing that it doesn't really make too much of a difference.

cyclone analogic tt-303 bass bot

a recreation of the famous tb-303, made to look almost identical. has nice color leds and modern midi support. i don't use it that much anymore but it's nice to have -- you can always come up with weird unpredictable patterns really easily with the 303's sequencer. acieeeed!