focusrite scarlett octopre

decent pre-amp. sounds nice. kind of wish it had adat in as well as out so i could have another 8 outputs but alas.

focusrite 18i20

i wanted an interface with a lot of i/o so i could avoid using a patchbay or constantly plug/replug stuff. everything is laid out logically with the 18i20 and it has a nice headphone output to monitor with.

8 direct inputs and 8 additional inputs over adat. it claims to have 20 outputs but that's quite misleading... basically outputs 1/2 on the back are reserved for monitor output, and outputs 6/7 echo what is outputted from 1/2 to pass through to headphones on the front jack.

also pictured: sony mdr-7506s. great headphones! although mine are dying a little bit... left driver is going out and crackles a lot with bass.